‘Beat the Summer Slide’ Programs

Did you know that over the upcoming school holiday break many students will lose approximately 20% of the academic gains they made in reading, and 27% of the academic gains they made in maths during the 2019 school year?

Recent studies have proven that students lose significant knowledge over their summer break, which can have a snowball effect as they experience subsequent skill loss each year.

Professor James Kim, from Harvard University claims younger students are prone to the most learning loss during the ‘Summer Slide’, as students in the first three years of school learn a lot more than students do in the later years of school. Kim states,

“Things like decoding, letter knowledge and word reading skills are very susceptible to decay without frequent practice, as are math facts like addition and subtraction.”

in January we are once again hosting our popular ‘Beat The Summer Slide’ workshop programs for students from year 1 to year 10.

To set themselves up for a positive and confident start to the 2020 school year, students are able to participate in our ‘Beat The Summer Slide’ workshop programs at their year level. Each program consists of 4 consecutive workshops and focuses on revising key Mathematics and English concepts prior to the 2020 school year commencing.

Workshops are online, they are live and taken by qualified and experienced teachers. Students can participate in our ‘Beat The Summer Slide’ workshop program from the comfort of their own home, or from wherever they are on holidays because all they need is a computer or an iPad and access to the internet.

The cost per child is from $14.95 + GST for each workshop. If parents would like their child to complete the optional homework tasks in between each workshop, this can be organised for an extra $19.95 + GST.

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