NAPLAN Preparation Program

Once the 2020 schooling year boots into gear, students in Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 across Australia will be readying themselves for the National Assessment Program-Literacy And Numeracy, more commonly known as NAPLAN

NAPLAN tests assess each student’s understandings of language conventions (spelling, grammar & punctuation), writing and reading comprehension. The tests also assess a student’s knowledge and skills in the content strands of number & algebra, measurement and geometry and statistics and probability. Year 9 students are tested on their understanding of the functions and patterns of formal algebra as well.

NAPLAN Testing is an important benchmark for determining whether or not young Australians are achieving expected standards in literacy and numeracy, and provides vital information to schools and education authorities regarding areas in the national curriculum that may need to be targeted or prioritised.

Whilst preparing for and participating in NAPLAN is a significant time for both students and their families, it’s also important to remind students that NAPLAN tests only involve the topics that they have been learning throughout the school year. It is helpful for students to understand that it is unlikely that they will have new, or unfamiliar material presented to them on test day/s. Also, it is highly likely that their teachers have prepared them for each of the assessments. Understanding these factors can assist students to feel confident, calm and ready on test day.

Drawing from a wealth of collective experience within the Australian education system, Optimise Learning carry expertise in best preparing school students for NAPLAN. Taught by expert educators, our interactive literacy and numeracy programs will not only ensure your child’s best preparation for the tests, but provide them with the utmost academic confidence moving forward.

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