Tutoring has the potential to benefit all students, in a variety of ways.

At school, your child is probably grouped with at least twenty-two other students working with just one teacher for each of their lessons. That is a ratio of 23 students (or more) to 1 teacher.

Therefore despite their best efforts, in a typical classroom, teachers are not able to adjust the lesson material so it is ‘just at the right level’ needed for every student to progress. Also, it is not possible for teachers to work one-to-one with every student in every lesson, or give individualised, explicit feedback to every student in every lesson.

Working one-to-one with an expert tutor, gives students a distinct advantage and has the potential to accelerate their learning.

Tutors are only focused on one student at a time, and this ratio enables tutors to plan an individualised lesson, that is ‘just at the right level’ for the student, enabling them to progress academically. Tutors can closely observe a student as they work through a task, and then provide the student with explicit, ongoing feedback during the session.

Educational research reveals that the most effective way for a student to learn is to engage with individualised tasks, and receive ongoing, explicit feedback. Students who are tutored by Optimise Learning engage in lesson content that is planned just for them, and receive explicit feedback throughout each session.

Optimise Learning tutoring services;

  • Offers students unique and individualised learning experiences.
  • Can help students to regain skills and understandings ‘lost’ over the school holiday break.
  • Provides an opportunity for students to learn free from other distractions.
  • Provides students with the time and opportunity to practice, consolidate and extend their knowledge and skills.
  • Allows students to progress through curriculum content at their own pace.
  • Provides an opportunity to review concepts, to ensure they are thoroughly understood by students.
  • Can encourage students to develop effective study habits; to learn, how to learn.
  • Can and has improved student achievement, and marks at school.
  • Can improve a student’s confidence in themselves as a learner, which can assist them to develop a more positive attitude towards school and learning.
  • Can provide gifted and talented students with the challenges they need to develop their unique potential.

Online tutoring isn’t a lot different to other tutoring methods, the lesson structure and format is exactly the same. Teachers work individually with students via our interactive online classroom, and students attend their online lessons from the comfort of their home.

In fact our recent online tutoring trials showed learning with their tutor online was more engaging and enjoyable for students, and therefore much more effective for their learning. This is why we made the decision to phase out other methods of tutoring, and focus on offering specialised online tutoring services to Australian students, regardless of where they live.

Students participating in Optimise Learning online academic tutoring lessons and/or our online academic teaching programs are receiving expert tuition that is individualised to meet their learning needs, and is building upon what they are learning at school.


Our recent trials revealed that each student who participated in both our online tutoring trial and traditional face to face format said they preferred to have tutoring online. 100% of students responded that their preference was to participate in online tutoring, rather than face-to-face tutoring. Some reasons the students gave for choosing online tutoring as their preference are below:

  • “I really liked talking to my tutor on the computer, I could concentrate more.”
  • “Using headphones helped me to focus better, because I could hear more easily”.
  • “The task sheets are bright and colourful, they look much nicer on the computer than in real life”
  • “ You need to do more things when you have tutoring online, it isn’t as easy to daydream or have a rest”.
  • “I just like being on my computer with my tutor-it is more fun”.
  • “You get more work done, because it is easier to learn and the time goes faster because it is funner”.


 Whilst some of our parents initially felt unsure how effective online academic tutoring could be for their child, 100% of parents of students involved in our trial stated they preferred online tutoring for their child, once they saw first hand how Optimise Learning’s online tutoring works. Some reasons parents gave for preferring online tutoring for their child are below:

  • “Online tutoring is SO much more convenient! I don’t have to drive Thomas to a centre and I don’t have to worry about tidying the house before the tutor comes”.
  • “ I loved being able to hover in the background to listen to Milli’s online lessons-she doesn’t focus as well if she knows I am there”.
  • “Online tutoring has given us an afternoon at home during the week, plus my other children are not having to traipse across town in the car and wait whilst Ruby has her lesson. I wasn’t sure if I would like online tutoring at first, because Ruby had benefitted a lot from Optimise Learning’s face-to-face sessions, but now we have tried their online tutoring sessions, we won’t go back to face-to-face tutoring. Ruby prefers learning online with her tutor too”.
  • “ Online tutoring is working really well for our family. Whilst Riley has his online session with David, his tutor, I can have some one-on-one time with my younger son who has special needs. Sometimes I listen in to Riley’s session. I usually chat to David following his session with Riley too, or I can log on to the Parent Portal to read about Riley’s progress.”
  • My children had face-to-face academic tutoring with Optimise Learning while they were at after school care. We trialled their online sessions at home, and it was fantastic for me to see what the kids were learning and how happy they were after their sessions. Both my children really liked having tutoring at school, but they LOVE working with Tarsh online”. I have enrolled my kids to continue with Optimise Learning’s online tutoring sessions”.

Parents considering online academic tutoring for their child, can book a FREE trial online academic tutoring session with Optimise Learning. Email us at info@optimiselearning.com to learn more.

Tutors that work with Optimise Learning;

  • Are qualified teachers, pre-service teachers or studying a specific subject at university, that would benefit a Secondary School student requiring tutoring in that subject.
  • Have a current and positive Working With Children Check.
  • Have undergone an extensive application, induction and training process.
  • Undergo regular training and review processes

All of Optimise Learning’s teaching resources are based on and reference the Australian National Curriculum, which is exactly the same curriculum your child is studying at school.

Optimise Learning’s teaching resources have been specifically written and developed by highly qualified and experienced teachers, for students and tutors to use during Optimise Learning’s tutoring sessions.

Optimise Learning strives to work in partnership with each student’s teacher. Once a parent has provided Optimise Learning with their child’s teacher’s contact details, Optimise Learning will email the teacher to ask what areas they would like the tutor to focus on.

In the event that a student’s teacher does not communicate with Optimise Learning, tutors can develop an understanding of their student’s knowledge and skills in a subject area, and plan lessons to improve and extend their understandings.

In some cases, parents prefer Optimise Learning not to communicate with their child’s teacher. In this instance, tutors can develop an understanding of their student’s knowledge and skills in a subject area, and plan lessons to improve and extend their understandings.

We tutor students online in most subject areas from the Preparatory Year, right up to Year 12, throughout Australia.

It is less expensive to have your child tutored by a pre service teacher or a specialised university student, than it is to have your child tutored by a qualified teacher, see the table below. The Student Learning Managers (who are highly experienced and highly qualified teachers), work closely with tutors to ensure every student receives an outstanding tutoring experience with Optimise Learning.


  • Sessions are 30 minutes long for students from Preparatory to Year 6
  • Sessions for students from Year 7 onwards are 60 minutes long.

If parents would like to organise longer sessions for their child, this can be arranged on a case by case basis.


  • 30 minute sessions
10 lessons: $400 + GST

*Parents receive a 5% discount for purchasing 10 lessons in advance

YEAR 7 – YEAR 12

  • 60 minute sessions
10 lessons: $800 + GST

*Parents receive a 5% discount for purchasing 10 lessons in advance

After your child’s first session you will receive a copy of their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which will outline the academic goals that have been set for your child to work towards during their tutoring sessions.

Your child’s tutor will regularly write a brief overview of your child’s tutoring session, which will include comments about your child’s focus, the learning tasks they completed and the progress your child is making towards their learning goals. You will be able to log on to our Parent Portal and read your child’s session overviews, which will give you an indication of your child’s academic progress.

Once you have booked your child’s FREE trial lesson, you will receive an explanatory email outlining the steps involved. The purpose of the trail lesson is to provide you and your child with the opportunity to meet us, trial the software and discuss any questions you have.

For information about enrolling your child or booking their free trial lesson, complete our online form here optimiselearning.com/contact-us or email us at info@optimiselearning.com