Supporting Your Child’s Learning at Home

Optimise Learning’s goal is to assist students to gain confidence in their learning abilities and reach their full academic potential. We achieve this goal by providing students with personalised online tutoring services that are facilitated in our online classroom, using brain-based teaching strategies. Our qualified tutors have been successfully teaching students online for over 5 years.

The Effect of COVID-19 on Education

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the daily lives of people globally. What students are currently witnessing is not only unprecedented, it is having a direct and significant impact on their daily life. Therefore, it is more important than ever for students to maintain their ‘normal’ routines wherever possible. Continuing their schooling at home will not only benefit your children’s academic development, it also has benefits for their mental and emotional health.

To support parents who are currently managing their children’s schooling at home, and for students who are completing their schooling at home, we have extended the number and type of online academic services we offer. Please see details below:


Our online tutoring services are live and taken by qualified tutors. Students participate in one-to-one lessons with their tutor in our online classroom. Our individualised tutoring services are specifically tailored for the learning needs of each student. All lesson content is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum. Homework is provided on request.

COST: $45.00 including GST for a 30-minute lesson


Our small group online lessons are live and taken by qualified tutors. Students participate in lessons with up to 3 other students from the same year level, with their tutor in our online classroom. All lesson content is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum. Homework is provided on request.

COST: $32.00 including GST for a 30-minute lesson

Visit our calendar to see when our small group lessons, online workshops and FREE parent webinars are scheduled: https://optimiselearning.com/calendar/


Our online workshop programs are live and taken by qualified tutors in our online classroom. Titles include:

Your Amazing Brain – An Introduction To Your Amazing Brain
Can You Solve It?– Mathematics Problem Solving
Who Did It? – a CSI Challenge
Step Into An Author’s Shoes – Creative Writing

Students participate in our online workshops with up to 5 other students from their year level, or with students who are the year level above or below their year level. For example, students from Years 3 and 4 may participate in the same workshop.

Our weekly online ‘Times Table Tune-Up’ workshops are still FREE and will run on Fridays instead of Saturdays, whilst schools are closed.

Learning At Home due to COVID-19


Many parents have unexpectedly found themselves adding teacher and education manager to the multitude of roles they undertake and perform daily for their children.

Some schools are assisting parents in managing their child’s schooling at home with specific learning tasks for their child to complete each day, whereas some parents are not receiving any assistance as yet. Whilst many parents feel reassured by their decision to temporarily homeschool their children, others report feeling uneasy at the prospect of being totally responsible for their child’s academic learning.

It could be timely to remind parents that they were and are their child’s very first teacher. Parents of school-aged children have successfully taught their child a large number of skills including how to talk, how to drink from a cup, how to use a spoon, how to clean their teeth and so on. Having the opportunity to manage their child’s academic learning at home can be a very positive and rewarding experience, for parents and their children.

To support parents while they are managing their child’s schooling at home, we are hosting FREE webinars on a variety of topics, including:

– Supporting Your Child’s learning At Home
– Supporting Your Child As They Learn To Read
– How To Assist Your Child With Their Mathematics

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