Prepare your child for NAPLAN with Optimise

Each May Australian Year 3, Year 5, Year 7, and Year 9 students complete a series of NAPLAN tests in four primary areas. These are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Language Conventions
  • Numeracy

NAPLAN shows whether Australian students are meeting expected educational standards in literacy and numeracy.

Our NAPLAN workshops prepare students for the tests by:

  • providing students with previous NAPLAN tests and sample questions to complete as test practise
  • giving students and parents feedback following the practise tests
  • revising literacy and numeracy skills that need revision
  • teaching students a range of tips and strategies, including how to manage their time during the tests

Optimise Learning’s NAPLAN workshops benefit students by:

  • Preparing students for the specific format of each NAPLAN test
  • Familiarising students with each assessment, so they are likely to feel more confident and less anxious on test days, as they know exactly what to expect
  • Ensuring students understand how to read and interpret the different question types included in NAPLAN

Each of our online workshops are live and taken by highly qualified and experienced teachers.


When the tests have been corrected, students are provided with their NAPLAN report which gives an overview of their results.

Whilst NAPLAN does not replace teachers observing and monitoring student progress, test results can be useful in a variety of ways, including:

  • Students and parents may use individual results to measure their progress across the years. Test results can also provide a point of reference for parent teacher discussions.
  • Test results can highlight those students who may require more academic support or extension.
  • Educational authorities can use NAPLAN data to guide their decision making and funding choices.

Whilst NAPLAN is not a test that children can study specifically for, in the same way they might study for test on a topic, providing your child with the opportunity to complete practice assessments in the weeks leading up to NAPLAN can be extremely beneficial.

Completing sample assessments prior to the test day, will enable students to familiarise themselves with the testing materials and provide them with the opportunity to practise answering test questions in the required format. This process is also likely to assist some students to feel less stressed about participating in NAPLAN.

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