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Our individualised one-to-one English lessons are tailored for each student’s learning needs. Our qualified tutors assist students to deepen their understanding of English concepts, build specific skill sets as required, gain confidence in their abilities, whilst helping them to become motivated readers, writers and spellers.

Why Choose Optimise Learning?

Our innovative approach to student learning enables your child to receive individualised one-to-one English tuition of the highest standard, in the comfort of their own home, at times that are convenient for you.

Our high school tutors have been carefully selected by our team. They are qualified, experienced and have demonstrated both the passion and the ability to successfully teach students of all abilities.

Also, our tutors have an in-depth knowledge of the Australian English Curriculum and know how to teach students classroom and assessment content, as well as key study strategies that are effective, and designed to appeal to your child.

Whilst the Australian National Curriculum Standards guide what we teach to students, our thorough understanding of the three interrelated strands of language, literature and literacy help to set students up for success.

Our tutors plan personalised tuition programs that are specific to the learning needs of each student, to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in the areas of:

  • Reading,
  • Viewing and understanding,
  • Speaking and presenting,
  • Writing, 
  • Creating.


Our tutors assist students support in a variety of areas including:

  • Novel, text, film and poetry studies,
  • Assessment preparation,
  • Comprehension and analysis of texts,
  • Spelling, vocabulary and grammar, 
  • Understanding secondary school criteria and crafting appropriate responses for the specific knowledge, understandings and skills that are being assessed.
High school english

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English Tutoring For Students Completing Year 7 to Year 10

The first four years of high school present unique challenges to students as they transition towards their senior studies. 

Many students find high school challenging as the difficulty of the set work increases and the pace of learning becomes quicker. There are also innumerable outside influences (and distractions) that can prevent students from doing their best at school. Homework expectations mean that independent learning abilities are crucial in order for students to keep up with the work that they are expected to do. 

Students are developing their knowledge and skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling and grammar. Extra assistance at this stage can prime your child for success, and improve their motivation levels as well as their school achievements. 

Choosing to use a tutor means that your child will be better positioned to keep up with the many assignments (and expectations) that they are presented with in high school. Optimise Learning’s tutors can assist your child to perform at a higher academic level, and prepare them for the senior years of school. 

English Tutoring for Students Completing Year 11 and Year 12

The senior years of school, often referred to as the ‘business end’ of schooling, is where tutors can support their students by assisting them to gain a deeper understanding of subject content, and also teach them how to interpret and respond to assessment tasks. A qualified and experienced tutor can assist students to maximise their academic  potential, achieve higher marks and an improved exit score. 

In the senior years of school, it is very important for each student’s writing and analytical skills to be fully developed. Regularly accessing one-to-one tuition with a specialised tutor can make all the difference. Our tutors tailor lessons to specifically address the areas where students need the most assistance. Tutors with experience in teaching HSC, IB and ATAR are able to help students navigate the most critical, challenging and stressful years of their academic life. 

Homework, assessments and examination preparation can be daunting for both students and their parents. Highly specialised, individually planned and well resourced one-to-one tutoring sessions will provide students with the ideal context for them to communicate comfortably with their tutor about their learning. Students can feel ’embarrassed’ to seek assistance from teachers in front of their peers at school, and often feel more empowered to seek the help that they need from their tutor.

How Do Our Individualised English Lessons’ Assist Students?


Strengthened Understandings And Skills In English 

The skills of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and literary techniques are taught explicitly, then consolidated and extended in detail during our English lessons.

Increased Confidence and Motivation

Whilst English is the only compulsory subject in the senior years, some students do not enjoy studying English. Many senior students  feel stressed and left behind in their English class, and may not  feel confident to ‘speak out’ or clarify that they need help. Also sometimes, students are not aware of what they don’t understand. 

Working with a qualified and experienced teacher on a one-to-one basis provides students with the opportunity to ask questions they may not feel comfortable to ask in the classroom. Individualised tutoring usually leads to improved marks, which assists students to feel more successful, motivated and confident in their abilities.  

Examination Preparation

During their individualised English lessons, students are given the opportunity to practice completing a variety of exam question types. They will also be taught a range of strategies and study tips to assist them with preparing for exams. Learning how to approach and navigate different types of assessments gives students a distinct advantage in their senior years of school. 

Greater Ability To Focus Due To Less Distractions

Our one-to-one online English tutoring lessons enable students to study and learn without the distractions that typically occur during English lessons at school. The noise and behaviour of other students in the classroom can make it very difficult for students to study effectively at school.

School offers students the opportunity to be social, and lessons are taught to large class groups. However, in one-to-one tutoring lessons, the learning needs of the individual student is the primary focus of the teacher, and students study in an ideal learning environment, that is free from classroom distractions.

Students and their tutor can cover a lot of English content in a 60 minute tutoring lesson, particularly because there are no other pupils to distract them from the student’s learning. 

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