Learn English as a Second Language (ESL)

The world is becoming increasingly globalised, which provides opportunities for people to interact across countries, languages and cultures in ways that have not been seen before. Whilst English does not have the highest number of native speakers in the world, it is the official language of fifty-three countries and the most commonly spoken language in the world. Approximately 1.5 billion people across the globe speak English. This means that one in five people in the world, (20% of the world’s population) can communicate in English.

 It is projected that by 2020, 2 billion people will be studying English. 

The English language has gained in popularity for a number of reasons. Being skilled and proficient in English provides students with access to a world of knowledge, commerce and culture, in a way that no other languages do. To study at the world’s most highly ranked schools and universities in America, Britain or Australia, a student needs to demonstrate a predetermined proficiency in English. Proficiency and skilled use of the English language can enhance education, career and business opportunities as English is the language of international communication and international business. 

The importance of learning English for students whose mother tongue is not English cannot be understated; learning English can change and improve their lives.

Individualised English Language Programs

Each student who enrols in our English language tutoring programs commences with a different level of English language proficiency and has different English language learning goals. Some students are focussed on developing their conversational skills in English, other students are seeking assistance with studying for English language tests including IELTS, TOEFL and ISLPR amongst others. 

Our students have diverse English language learning needs. Some of our students are attending school in Australia, others are living in their native country with no intention of studying in Australia. Some of our students are attending primary school, some of our students are attending high school, other students are attending university and some of our students have completed their education. The one factor each of our students have in common is that they are all striving to improve their English language proficiency and skills.

Our specialised English language teachers design individual learning plans for every student based on their current English language proficiency level, and their specific English language learning goals. Students work with their teacher online, on a one-to-one basis. Conversational English, grammar, reading, listening comprehension, writing and vocabulary are among the skills taught during our online individualised English language tutoring programs. .

Students studying English as a second language with Optimise Learning have the opportunity to meet and chat with Australian students online via Optimise Learning’s secure student portal. Optimise Learning’s education team introduce students of a similar age and provides them with a range of topics to discuss. Whilst improving their English language conversational skills, students can learn about other countries and cultures by chatting to their international friends.

Optimise Learning’s English Language Student Club enables students to practice and improve their English conversational skills in an authentic and enjoyable way.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

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