During the past term, Mr Hand has helped and guided me through the new experience of Distance Education. Having a tutor like Mr Hand has really benefited my grades and allowed me to find a balanced study/dance plan. I have an extensive dance training schedule of approximately 25-30 hours per week. I travel twice weekly for a three-hour return trip as well as interstate and recently overseas for training and competitions. I look forward to continuing my work with Mr Hand for the remainder of my schooling year, and for years to come.

Poppi EcclestonYear 8, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The Optimise Learning team around Tracey and Peter managed to effectively combine academics with our sport of ski racing, which happens mostly in the Northern Hemisphere winters. The tutoring system gave our athletes the possibility to extend their ski training and competition period in Austria, as well as being focused while studying with the support of the online tutors.

The exceptional expertise of Optimise Learning and their individualised tutoring program, combined with a thorough relationship management with local Australian schools, allows young athletes to follow their dreams and to perform as an athlete and student. I look forward to further integrate the academic pathway of Optimise Learning into the elite sports pathway of Australian ski racing.

Christoph MaierProgram Coordinator, High Performance Centre, Leogang, AUSTRIA

I was told about Optimise Learning by a friend who had enlisted their services to tutor three of her children who were missing a lot of school due to sporting commitments. At the time we were living in the country and were travelling extensively with our children from one sporting event to another. Sometimes we spent weeks travelling to sporting events overseas. Whilst they were having a lot of fun with their sport, our children were missing key elements of their education.

My husband and I were concerned that their grades would be affected. We met with Tracey and Peter Hand to discuss our children’s tutoring requirements as soon after we started on the Optimise Learning journey. Now, nearly one year later the children’s grades have lifted substantially and they are coping well with their sporting commitments and balancing their school work. The ability to be able to access talent in education like this is the most important opportunity we can give our children in their formative years and every moment spent with Optimise Learning has been exceptional.

Fiona CobcroftThredbo, New South Wales