Times Tables Tune-Up

The ability to memorise and automatically recall the 12 X tables is a skill that can be learned by most students with practise, and doing so gives them a distinct advantage in Mathematics. 

The ability to recall the 12 X tables automatically helps students succeed in Mathematics because it frees up their cognitive space, enabling them to focus on the more complex mathematical concepts involved in number, algebra and problem solving. Students who know their tables don’t need to slow down or ‘fill up’ their working memory by stopping to solve every ‘basic’ multiplication or division equation that they encounter during a typical mathematics lesson.

At Optimise Learning we are so passionate about assisting students to learn their X tables that we now offer FREE online ‘Times Tables Tune Up’ workshops for students from Year 2 to Year 6, each Friday afternoon during the school term.

* Please note that while schools are closed due to COVID-19, our ‘Times Tables Tune Up’ workshops will be scheduled on Fridays at 11am AEST

During our workshops we focus on learning a single X table at a time. For example, one week we will focus on learning the 6 X tables, and another week we will focus on learning the 8 X tables, and so on. Our X tables workshops follow the same format. First we do some skip counting to warm up, then we practise solving times table equations and learning the ‘fact family’ for each X table equation. Students also complete a task sheet that involves applying the times table knowledge that was practised during the workshop, to a variety of simple problems.

We focus on helping students to have fun, feel successful and enjoy learning the X tables during our workshops.  If your child is in Year 2 or above, and doesn’t know their X tables, they could benefit from participating in our ‘Times Tables Tune Up’ workshops. We would LOVE the opportunity to assist them!

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